Is Peter Obi a Lawyer?

Peter Gregory Obi is a name that has been in the mouth of many Nigerians long before the 2023 presidential election.


is peter obi a lawyer

Peter Obi is a former governor of Anambra State, and many have praised his government for attaining various feats during his tenure as governor. But many Nigerians still have lots of questions about this politician, and one such question is whether he is a lawyer.

Is Peter Obi a Lawyer?

No, Peter Obi is not a lawyer. Obi studied Philosophy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and graduated in 1984.

He spent most of his youth working in business and banking and held several executive positions in several banks.


Peter Obi has no connection to studying or practicing law and has not come out to claim having a law degree.

Izuchukwu Ojibe

Ojibe Izuchukwu is a Nigerian student with a passion for media reporting and content writing.

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