Is Skepta Related to Mike Adenuga?

We all know Skepta as a popular British rapper and record producer who is of Nigerian origin.

Skepta’s real name is Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr., and he was born to his father, Joseph Adenuga, and mother, Ify Adenuga, in England.

Is Skepta Related to Mike Adenuga

You can see from his name that Adenuga is his surname. This is the same as Mike Adenuga, a billionaire businessman who is known as the third richest person in Africa.

Is Skepta Related to Mike Adenuga
Mike Adenuga

Does this mean Skepta and Mike Adenuga are related in any way? No, they are not related in any way but share the same surnames.

Is Skepta Related to Mike Adenuga?

Skepta and Mike Adenuga are not related. No evidence claims they are related, and the two of them are from different states in Nigeria.

Skepta is originally from Ogun State, Nigeria. In 2018, he received a chieftaincy title of Amuludun of Odo-Aje from his hometown in Ogun State. The title means “Chief Entertainer of Odo-Aje” and was earned due to his accomplishments in the music industry.

Mike Adenuga is from Oyo State in Nigeria. This is where he completed his primary and secondary school education at Ibadan Grammar School.

However, in Nigeria, we can’t judge if someone is related based on the state they are from. This is because relatives can get married to someone from a different place and retain their name.

The musician has not come out to claim that his father, Joseph Adenuga, is related to Mike Adenuga and his family.

Bottom Line

The surname, Adenuga is popular among Yoruba-speaking states like Oyo and Ogun in Nigeria, so it is normal for different people to use the same name and not be related.

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