Does Mountain Dew Make Your Pee-pee Smaller?

When it comes to sexual health and functions, there are many myths and misconceptions. Myths about sexual health can spread like wildfire, as people want to know what to take and what not to take concerning their sexual lives. The misconception that the popular mountain dew can reduce the male penis size is false. There is no real evidence or even scientific reasoning to support this claim.


This claim has been around the Internet for years now. Some consumers believe that certain ingredients in mountain dew can affect the reproductive system. Mountain Dew contains caffeine and Yellow No. 5 (tartrazine), which are often cited in these myths. However, extensive research and regulatory bodies have deemed these ingredients safe for consumption. The FDA has ruled that tartrazine does not affect reproductive health.

Effect Of Caffeine

The caffeine contained in Mountain Dew can have positive and negative effects on the male reproductive system, but it doesn’t shrink or reduce penis size.

Positive Effects

  • Increased blood flow: Caffeine can help dilate blood vessels, potentially leading to improved erectile function and increased pleasure during sexual activity.
  • Enhanced alertness: Caffeine’s stimulatory effects can increase alertness and energy, potentially improving sexual performance.
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Negative Effects

  • Erectile dysfunction: High levels of caffeine can lead to erectile dysfunction due to its effects on blood flow and nervous system function.
  • Decreased libido: Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to decreased libido and sexual desire.
  • Dehydration: Caffeine’s diuretic effects can cause dehydration, potentially leading to decreased sexual performance and pleasure.
  • Anxiety and stress: Too much caffeine can cause anxiety and stress, potentially negatively impacting sexual function and pleasure.

Studies have shown that caffeine intake can affect sperm motility, but the levels present in Mountain Dew are not significant enough to cause concern. It would require excessive consumption of the beverage to match the caffeine levels studied, which is far beyond typical consumption patterns.

Health experts and urologists have consistently refuted the claim that Mountain Dew or any of its ingredients can reduce penis size. The consensus is clear: there is no correlation between consuming Mountain Dew and changes in male reproductive anatomy.


What Causes Reduced Penis Size?

There are factors that can potentially cause a decrease in the size of the male penis.

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As men age, the skin and tissues of the penis can lose elasticity and tone, potentially making the penis appear smaller.

Weight Gain

Excess fat around the pubic area can make the penis appear smaller.

Erectile Dysfunction

Weak erections or difficulty achieving an erection can make the penis appear smaller.

Peyronie’s Disease

A condition causing scar tissue to form in the penis, potentially leading to curvature or shrinkage.

Prostate Surgery

Some surgical procedures for prostate issues can potentially lead to penis shortening.


Smoking can cause blood vessel constriction, potentially reducing penis size.


Some men may naturally have a smaller penis due to genetic factors.

Hormonal Imbalances

Certain hormonal changes, such as low testosterone, can potentially affect penis size.

Injury Or Trauma

Injuries or trauma to the penis can potentially cause scarring or shrinkage.

Certain Medical Conditions

Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity can potentially affect blood flow and penis size.

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Can The Ingredients In Mountain Dew Shrink Male Genitalia?

No, the ingredients in Mountain Dew, including caffeine and Yellow No. 5, do not have any impact on male genitalia size.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence Supporting The Claim?

There is no scientific evidence that supports the claim that mountain dew affects male genitalia size. Studies have shown that the ingredients are safe for consumption and do not impact reproductive health.

Why Has This Myth Persisted For So Long?

Myths like this often persist due to misinformation and the sensational nature of the claim. It’s important to verify information with credible sources.

Does Caffeine Affect Fertility?

While excessive caffeine intake can affect sperm motility, the amount of caffeine in Mountain Dew is not enough to have a significant impact on fertility.


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