Male: Why Does My Underwear Have Brown Stains?

Having brown stain on your underwear can be concerning and perplexing, but it sometimes doesn’t call for concern as there are harmless reasons why you are having brown stain on your underwear. Having brown stains might lead to questions about hygiene and health. It also has many potential causes, which will be addressed. These causes may range from benign to more serious health concerns.


What Causes Brown Stains On Underwear In Males?

Having stains on your underwear as a male is concerning and should be addressed, as it could either be due to poor hygiene or a health complication. In females, the acidity of the vagina can cause brown stains due to the presence of iron-rich menstrual blood, which reacts with the acidic environment to form brown-coloured compounds. Here are some causes of brown stain on underwear in males.

Sweat And Body Oils

The groin area is prone to sweating, and when sweat mixes with body oils, it can leave behind a brownish tinge on fabric.

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Diet And Digestive Issues

Foods high in fibre or artificial colouring can alter stool colour, which may transfer onto underwear.


This condition can cause small amounts of blood to mix with stool, creating brown stain.



A less talked-about issue, urinary incontinence can sometimes lead to faecal matter mixing with urine, resulting in stain.


Inflammation of the rectum can lead to bloody discharge, resulting in brown stain.

Rectal Bleeding

Bleeding from the rectum or anus can cause brown stain.

Seminal stains

Dried semen can leave behind brown stain.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

The presence of blood in the urine due to an infection can cause brown stain.

Kidney Stones

Passing kidney stones can cause blood in the urine, leading to brown stain.

Prostate Issues

Enlarged prostates or prostatitis can cause bloody discharge, resulting in brown stain.

Poor Hygiene

Failing to clean the genital area properly can lead to bacterial growth, causing brown stains.

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How To Get Rid Of Brown Stains On Underwear

Having brown stains on your underwear might just be generally normal and not indicative of severe health issues. However, persistent or severe symptoms, such as excessive bleeding or changes in bowel habits, warrant medical consultation.

To maintain hygiene and extend the lifespan of your underwear, you should consider these tips for removing brown stain:

Pre-Treat Stains

Apply a stain remover or a detergent-water mix to the stained area before washing.

Use Enzyme Cleaners

Opt for detergents with enzymes, which are adept at breaking down organic stains.

Cold Water Wash

Wash stained underwear in cold water to prevent setting the stains.


Sunlight can help bleach out stains naturally.


Are Brown Stains On Underwear A Sign Of Poor Hygiene?

Not necessarily. They often result from natural bodily functions like sweating or incomplete wiping.

Can Dietary Changes Reduce The Occurrence Of Brown Stains?

Yes, moderating the intake of high-fibre foods and artificial colours can minimise stain-causing stool changes.

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Should I Be Concerned About Brown Stains On My Underwear?

They are usually harmless, but consult a healthcare professional if you experience additional symptoms like pain or excessive bleeding.

Can Hemorrhoids Cause Brown Stains On Underwear?

Yes, hemorrhoids can lead to minor bleeding, which may result in brownish stains.

What’s The Best Way To Prevent Brown Stains On Underwear?

Practice thorough hygiene, consider using moist wipes for cleaning, and ensure complete bowel movements to prevent residue.

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