Sky B Biography, Wife, Children, and Current Location

Sky B is a Nigerian rapper and singer who was among the first hip-hop artists to break out of the city of Port Harcourt.


Who is Sky B?

Palisade Ogunka, aka Sky B, is a Nigerian musician who captivated fans in the mid-2000s. Many fans regard him as a Port Harcourt boy who broke into the music scene with hits that went viral across Nigeria.

Sky b

Most of his hits are from his 2007 album, Pray for Me. The album had seven tracks, with the most notable ones being You Promised Not To Go, I’m Calling (ma babe), Here I Am, and others.

His music consisted mostly of a mix of pidgin English and plain English. After becoming famous in the music industry, Sky B was nowhere to be found until recently.


Sometime in 2019, there were rumours that Sky B had passed away from a heart attack in Owerri, Imo State.

These rumours were later revealed to be false after it was discovered that he was alive but facing some personal and career challenges.

Sky B’s Biography

Palisade Ogunka is the birth name of the popular Nigerian rapper known as Sky B. He was born in 1984 and is a native of the Rukpakwulusi-Eliogbolo community in Obio/Akpor, Rivers State.

Palisade grew up in Port Harcourt with his family and siblings. Nothing is known about his education.

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He started his musical career in the early 2000s by bringing rap music with a mix of pidgin English to fans across Nigeria. Although Sky B has been in the music industry for a while, he had his break in 2007.

Sky b pray for me album

The name Sky B became globally known after hit tracks like I’m Calling (Ma Bebe), Pray For Me, U Promise Not To Go, and Here I Am became popular on radio stations and mixtapes.

These tracks were from his 2007 7-track album, Pray For Me. The album was released by Danco Music and marketed by Dansa. The album sold over one million copies at the time.

One of his songs, Pray for Me, was inspired by a classic rap song titled ‘Stan’ by Eminem.

After a successful start, Sky B flopped after his 15-track second album.


Here are some of his top hits:.

  • I’m Calling (Ma Bebe)
  • Here I Am
  • Ogechi My Girl
  • Pray For Me
  • One Chance
  • Asanwa
  • Keep it so

What Happened to Sky B?

Sometime in 2018, it was revealed that Sky B was the owner of Soundcheque Studios in Port Harcourt. Later that year, he was involved in a car crash, but he survived the accident and went on social media to clear the air about his death.

Again, on October 8, 2019, there were rumours that the ace rapper known as Sky B died from cardiac arrest in his residence in Owerri, Imo State.

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The rumour was once again debunked by his then-manager, Saint Opara, who is also the CEO of an entertainment firm.

Many fans believed that the rapper did that to try and revive his music career.

Where is Sky B Now?

In 2024, a Nigerian humanitarian named Lucky Udu discovered Sky B living in a small one-room apartment with his family in Port Harcourt.

The singer revealed that he barely had 2000 naira in his bank account and did not have a mobile phone.

Sky b now Sky b now

Sky B also revealed to Udu that he started facing difficulties after signing a 10-year deal with his record label in 2005. He also lost all rights to his songs and was left stranded with no royalties or earnings from his music.

The singer now has a mobile phone and has also launched a social media account with the name Palisade Ogunka on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Wife and Children

Sky B is married with five children. He lives in Port Harcourt with his family.

During the interview with Lucky Udu, it was revealed that the rapper has not been financially stable for a while and cannot afford three square meals for his family.

The singer lives with his family of five children in Port Harcourt

Net Worth

Since Sky B lost all the royalties to his music and doesn’t have any source of income, he doesn’t have a net worth. Hopefully, with time, he will begin to build a net worth for himself.

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Which year did Sky B sing “My Baby”?

Sky B sang one of his hit songs titled “I’m Calling (Ma Bebe)” in 2005.

What is the cause of Sky B’s death?

Sky B is very much alive as of 2024. The rumours about his passing were all false.

Where did Sky B come from?

Sky B is a native of Rivers State, Nigeria, and he rose to fame in the city of Port Harcourt.

Which year did Sky B release “Pray for Me”?

Sky B released his album “Pray for Me” in 2007. The album had seven tracks.

What was Sky B’s biggest hit?

Sky B’s biggest hit was “I’m Calling (Ma Bebe),” which became a nationwide sensation and is still remembered by fans.

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