“If you insult anybody on the internet, you will go to prison” – EFCC

The Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has warned online users against insulting people online.


The commission stated that Nigerian youths “insulting people” on the internet will be jailed.

This was made known in a statement by CSE Daniel Nwaka, the chief superintendent of the EFCC, on Tuesday. Nwaka revealed this while speaking with students of Blossom Academy, Abuja, while they were on an excursion to the commission’s corporate headquarters on June 6.

According to the statement, “Social bullying too is a crime; if you stalk anyone online, it is a crime; if you insult anybody on the internet, it is also a crime, and you will go to prison.”

It also warned students against engaging in fraudulent activities and examination malpractices.


“These days, youths commit cybercrimes because of peer pressure, greed and poor upbringing, but for you, do not follow them because they steal from innocent people, and if you are caught, you will go to prison.”

Izuchukwu Ojibe

Ojibe Izuchukwu is a Nigerian student with a passion for media reporting and content writing.

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