Who is Pierre Poilievre’s Wife, Anaida Poilievre? Wedding Pictures and Bio

Pierre Marcel Poilievre is a Canadian politician who has been in politics for a long time. We know Pierre, but who is his wife?


Pierre is married to a political staffer and online magazine publisher named Anaida Poilievre. When did they get married? How many kids do they have? Or maybe some wedding pictures? All that information will be provided in the article.

Who is Anaida Poilievre?

Anaida Poilievre used to go by  Anaida Galindo before she met her husband, Pierre. Anaida was born on March 5, 1987, in Caracas, Venezuela.

Her father was a bank manager, and she described her childhood as living “paycheque to paycheque” and affording gas at the time was a luxury.

Anaida and her family immigrated from Venezuela to Canada in 1995, when she wasn’t just eight years old. They lived in Montréal, and her father had to work on a farm collecting fruit and vegetables.


Mrs Poilievre speaks multiple languages, such as Spanish, French, and English.

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Ana has spent almost her entire life in Canada. She even graduated with a degree in communications from the University of Ottawa.

She started her career working in retail and customer service roles. In 2008, at the age of 20, Anaida started working as a parliamentary affairs advisor at the Senate of Canada. This was before she got a job in the House of Commons of Canada.

From 2008 on, Anaida was actively involved in parliamentary work, and in 2013, she started working for then Leader of the Senate Claude Carignan as a parliamentary affairs advisor.

Talking about business, Ana is a co-founder of Pretty and Smart Co., an online lifestyle magazine. The online website is known to publish blog posts relating to women.


Anaida got married to her husband, Pierre Poilievre, in 2017 in Sintra, Portugal. The couple had their honeymoon in Morocco.

See photos from their wedding below.

Who is Pierre Poilievre's Wife, Anaida Poilievre? Wedding Pictures and Bio

How many children does Pierre Poilievre have?

Pierre Poilievre and Anaida Poilievre have two children. A son born in September 2021, and a daughter born in October 2018.

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The family of four lives in Greely, Ontario.


It is not unusual for political figures to have a little bit of controversy, and Ana also falls under this category.

In September 2022, the far-right leader of an online community known as Diagolon threatened Anaida Poilievre.

The leader and founder, Jeremy MacKenzie, was later arrested the same month for charges that included uttering threats.


How old is Pierre Poilievre’s wife?

Anaida Poilievre, born on March 5, 1987, is currently 37 years old.

Was Pierre Poilievre adopted?

Yes, Pierre Poilievre was adopted by two schoolteachers, Marlene and Donald Poilievre.

He was born on June 3, 1979, in Calgary, Alberta, to a young mother, and was adopted shortly after being born.

How did Pierre Poilievre make his money?

Pierre Poilievre has been a public servant for many years, serving as a Member of Parliament in Canada. His earnings come from his career in politics.

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