Can Drinking Garri Cause Miscarriage?

Garri is quite a popular dish among West Africans, particularly in Nigeria. It is an embraced dish that is prepared by all cultures in the country. Due to the high consumption rate, questions about garri may arise. One of those questions is whether garri can cause miscarriage. It is natural to wonder if certain foods or activities could contribute to this risk.


Does Garri Induce Miscarriage?

Miscarriage typically occurs due to factors beyond a pregnant woman’s control. The most common cause is chromosomal abnormalities in the developing embryo. Other known causes include genetic factors, certain health conditions, hormonal disorders, drug and alcohol use, infections, and uterine or cervical abnormalities.

Garri is a food high in carbohydrates and fibre, providing energy and aiding digestion. It’s a processed form of cassava, which naturally contains compounds that convert into cyanide in the body. However, the processing of cassava into garri significantly reduces these compounds to safe levels.

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There is no direct evidence linking the consumption of garri to miscarriage. Though excessive intake of improperly processed cassava can lead to health issues due to cyanide toxicity, garri, as commonly prepared and consumed in Nigeria, is generally considered safe when eaten in moderation

Adding Value To Your Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should focus on a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy products are essential. It’s also crucial to stay hydrated and avoid substances known to pose risks, such as alcohol and excessive caffeine.



Is It Safe To Eat garri During Pregnancy?

Yes, when consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet, garri is safe during pregnancy.

Can Certain Foods Cause Miscarriage?

Most miscarriages are caused by genetic and medical conditions, not by specific foods.

What Should I Avoid During Pregnancy To Reduce The Risk Of Miscarriage?

Avoid alcohol, limit caffeine intake, and refrain from smoking to reduce miscarriage risk.

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Where Can I Find More Information About Diet And Pregnancy?

Consult with a healthcare provider or a registered dietitian for personalised advice.

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